When God Begins To Prune

When God Begins To Prune

You are so excited. You are experiencing a fruit of the Spirit in an area of your life in which you’d struggled for years.

Just when you’d almost given up, you read John 15:5: “I am the vine: you the branches: he that abideth (and remaineth) in me, and I (abideth and remain) in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. ” Suddenly you understand that the whole concept of fruit-bearing is so simple: By staying in Jesus, letting His life flow through you, the fruit will grow naturally.

Now you are seeing it happen. You are rejoicing. You can’t wait for your Heavenly Father to inspect the branch that has produced fruit. You can hardly wait for His arrival and suspect that He will surprise you with a reward for doing so well.

But to your bewilderment, when He arrives He carries a pair of big pruning shears in His hands.

What is He planning to do? Somehow you get the feeling that His idea of inspecting your fruit-bearing branch doesn’t exactly match your own expectations.

John 15:2 tells us what God has in mind: “Every branch in me, that beareth not fruit, he will take away: and every one that beareth fruit, he will purge it, that it may bring forth more fruit. ”

This means that He is determined to make us even more fruitful.

God's strategy is to begin a very deliberate pruning process by allowing us to encounter troubles, tribulations and difficulties.

These adversities serve as His shears and pruning knife.

That doesn’t sound like anything we would choose for ourselves. Often, our biggest concern is how much God is planning to cut off our branch!

In India there are tea plantations that are covered with beautiful, lush, deep-green plants. We are talking thousands of acres. But if you were to visit these same tea estates during a certain time of the year, you would immediately think that something had gone very wrong. Instead of thriving bushes with healthy, growing leaves, you would only find naked little stumps with a few bare branches clinging to them. They look dead and hopeless. Their beauty is gone. If you were to search for answers, you would find laborers with sharp knives and shears going from tree to tree and mercilessly cutting nearly everything off, while others continually haul away truckloads of green, leafy branches.

That is pruning.

When God puts His knife to our branches and begins to slice off the parts that must go, we often experience great loneliness, discouragement and pain.

Pruning creates a temporary dry spell in our spiritual life very similar to those barren tree stumps on the tea plantations

Very often we feel confused, and we fail to understand what is going on. Discouraged and frightened, we conclude that something is wrong with our spiritual life. We pray, but God doesn’t seem to hear. We fast, but our situation stays the same. We repent of every imaginable sin we could have committed, but find no answer.

This is the most dangerous time during the pruning process, and it’s the one most often used by the Enemy to trip us up. He intends to deceive us into thinking that we have backslidden, have lost God’s grace and should quit serving God. Or he tries to convince us to create a counterfeit spiritual life to compensate for what we think we have lost.

If we could only recognize that it is the hand of God that holds the knife, then we would be able to do the right thing: trust in His wisdom, humble ourselves and honor Him by walking in faith rather than sight. Then we would be able to accept the cutting, the discipline, the loneliness and the pain as necessary preparation to bear more fruit.