Napping with Dad

Children Have A Right To Be Fathered From The Heart

Fathering is far more than just a whole set of do's and don'ts. It is not merely setting up a standard and seeing to it that everyone lives by it. Fathering is giving ourselves to our children. It is something the children feel coming from deep inside us. It is what makes the things we do seem meaningful to them-or meaningless. That can be rather frightening. But on the other hand, it can comfort us because hopefully our children catch what we want to do even if we are not perfect in doing it.

Somehow, our children need to sense that we really care, Granted, differences in people will make a difference in how this is done. But they need to know that we are truly trying to do the best for them and that when we restrain or discipline them, it is for their good. When they sense this, it will encourage them to do what they know we want them to do.

Fathers, let's determine top provide these "birthrights" God intends our children to have. They have been born to us; meeting their needs is our inescapable responsibility and great priviledge. Keeping these "rights" before us gives us the proper perspective in the great work of fathering.