Storm Clouds Of Life

Storm Clouds

There are storms that come in the spiritual life, much like there are storms that arise in Kansas. And some are unexpected. And so, we need to understand a little why God sends these storms.

“And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined: and I will try them as gold is tried. They shall call on my name, and I will hear them. I will say: Thou art my people: and they shall say: The Lord is my God.” (Zacharias 13:9)

If it were easy, everyone would do it. Heaven, like any good thing, must be earned.

Saint Alphonsus says:

“Until we have gone through that storm, which for the most part comes over all, let none of us think himself secure. Let it be remarked, however, that in this time of temptation we should not expect to have fervor, and a clearness of reason sufficient to tranquilize ourselves; for in the midst of this darkness we see nothing but confusion. We have nothing then to do but to say to the Lord: O Lord help me! O Lord help me! And also to have frequent recourse to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of perseverance, confiding in that divine promise: “Ask and you shall receive” (John 16:24) And it is certain that he who with the help of divine grace is victorious in such a combat finds afterwards a double calm and peace in his vocation.”

During the worst part of the storm, do not expect perceptible devotion in your soul. There is too much confusion and turmoil. Should we leave off prayer? Absolutely not. All we may bring to prayer is worthlessness, but let us bring it before Almighty God. Let us attach ourselves firmly to Almighty God, as we would tie ourself to a sturdy tree if we were stuck in outside in a storm with hundred mile an hour winds. Unlike the tree, which can be uprooted, God will hold us firm.

God sends these storms to try us, our patience, our perseverance and yes, possibly even our very Faith. And so, He desires us to make a resolution to strengthen our self spiritually, when He allows the storm to abate.

How long will we have to hang on through the storm?

Until it is over, whether it be five minutes or five weeks.

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