January 2022: Are Priests Obliged to Take the Jab?

January 2022: Are Priests Obliged to Take the Jab?

Before we proceed let us lay down some things that have already been determined. First of all the jab is NOT a vaccine in the traditional sense of the word. The word vaccine has been redefined to include the various jabs available for COVID. Therefore we will not use the word vaccine, but the word jab.

The evidence available indicates that the jabs were developed using tissue from two abortions in the 1970's. As such, they are remote cooperation in the sin of another, which is permitted to obtain some good. Jab mandates are immoral, but are being imposed. As such, it may be imprudent to disobey such an immoral mandate. We can recognize its immorality, but it is not our duty to fight every immorality around us, and there are many. In fact, discussion of one such immorality has been delayed, because of this important matter.

There is little real world data on the jabs and their effectiveness. Also there is little data on the possible side effects, short or long term, related to the jab. And so all that can be given is guidance in regard to receiving the jab or rejecting it.

For instance, if a man must take the jab in order to feed his family, he is certainly morally justified in doing so. One may ask, if he is obliged to take the jab in order to see to the needs of his family. An argument can be made in favor of this conclusion. Supporting one's family is extremely important.

However, the subject here is in relation to a question in regards to Traditional minded priests. Instead of presenting arguments about the legitimacy of their ministry, we will consider their duties based upon their own arguments for the legitimacy of their ministry. For more information, please refer to Our book, Will the Real Catholic Church Please Stand Up? 

First of all, the principles are clear. Pastors and others having the care of souls have a duty in some cases to risk their lives for their flock. Other priests may also have such a duty, if the pastor is unavailable. The moralists are in agreement on this.

In 2003, Anthony Cekada wrote an article, Traditional Priests, Legitimate Sacraments. "Some authors say their obligation is based in the virtue of charity: 'When priests who have the cura animarum are lacking, other priests are bound out of charity to administer the sacraments.… in serious need for a community, [such priests] are bound to administer the sacraments, even at the risk of their lives, as long as there is reasonable hope of assisting and there is no one else who will help.' This obligation binds under pain of mortal sin. (Merkelbach 3:87)"

Let us analyze this. Traditional minded priests hold that priests, who have the cura animarum (care of souls, such as Pastors have) are lacking. They then hold that this authorizes them to administer the Sacraments in their place and that they have an obligation to do so. To be consistent, if the jab is required in order to administer the last rights in a hospital for instance, they have the duty to receive the jab, even if there is some risk to themselves. To argue that on personal grounds they may refuse it is to reject the whole basis they accepted ordination on, the necessity in this crisis to administer the Sacraments. If they refuse the jab, when required to fulfill the duty they claim to have, then they demonstrate by their actions that they may not exercise Holy Orders in any manner whatsoever.

Cekada observes: "The priesthood is not just a privilege that stintingly permits something; it is a munus or officium (duty) to do something: to offer sacrifice and to dispense sacraments. So for a priest the real question is always: 'What sacraments am I now obliged to confer?'" We can expand this to include the risk a priest must go to for the salvation of souls.

As a duty, the priest is no longer his own, but God's. All of us are God issue, in that we are not our own. We learned this in the May 2021 Olive Tree in the article, We Are Not Our Own. Priests are even more God issue in that we are not our own, but hold our position for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Traditional minded priests are required to be consistent in their belief system. Otherwise, by their actions, they admit they may not function as priests. There is much inconsistency, and this is only one small area, but one that may speak loudly.

In making our decision in regard to the COVID-19 jab and whether or not to take it, let us keep in mind our obligations to God and our fellow man, disregarding the controversy surrounding the jab itself.