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What to Make of Accusation

It is everywhere we turn these days. Social media has created a forum for endless accusation against other Christians. It seems that every day someone is sending out links to an article accusing a Bishop, a Priest, a Catholic, etc. It can affect your spirit. In fact it is almost guaranteed to affect your spirit. Many Christians are struggling with depression and discouragement because they keep reading accusation after accusation. If Christians do not do the right thing we are hurting the cause of Christ but we are also hurting our own spirits which hurts our ability to serve Christ as we should. There are some things I do when accusation against others are presented to me. Take them or leave them, but I believe they are worthy of serious consideration.

1. Don't receive accusation against other Christians.

You don't need to know. It does you no good. When I read accusations against other Christians it hurts my spirit. If I am going to guard my spirit then I can't allow myself to even receive these accusations. I must reject them. I must purpose to reject them. I must be diligent and vigilant in rejecting them.

2. If you already have received the accusation do not align yourself with it.

Let me go further and say be careful that you don't identify yourself with it. I refuse to be a part of any group whose purpose is to accuse even if it's disguised as trying to “right a wrong.” You do not help people by using accusation. That's not the answer. I do not want my name associated with accusation. The cause might be good but the accusation corrupts the cause. Don't miss that last point. The cause may be good but the accusation behind the cause corrupts the virtue of the cause. Accusation is a terrible basis for a cause. Someone can disguise it as a noble crusade, but that is NOT what it is.

3. Do not listen to one side unless you can hear the other side.

This would save a lot of heartache. If a friend comes to me and accuses his friend and I receive it, I am unable to respond justly because I have not heard the other side. If I know anything about people I know that people tell the side that most benefits them which means I am not necessarily getting the whole truth. I am getting their slant. The best thing to do is to avoid one-sided accusation. By the way most accusation is one-sided and that in itself makes it unjust.

4. Never assume guilt.

I repeat never assume guilt. There is nothing so unjust as receiving an accusation and then passing judgment in your mind. That's the problem with receiving it. It is difficult not to pass judgment even subconsciously.

5. Take it to the Lord quickly.

You have accepted a burden on your shoulders you're not capable of bearing. You may think so but you are wrong. It is going to affect your spirit. Seek Gods' help in putting aside the accusation. Let God be God. Pray for the accused and the accuser. Don't pray for an outcome. Pray for God to deal in the hearts of the individuals to accomplish its purpose.

6. Become known as one who rejects accusation.

Let me make something very clear. This will not make you popular but popularity is not the issue. Doing what's right is the issue whether it makes you popular or not. Most people want to believe what they are told and that's why they receive it. We accept what we want to be true. When you become known as one who rejects it, others will reject you. The good news is you won't have to deal with accusations and you can live in peace.

7. Live above the clouds.

The old saying, “ignorance is bliss” is true. Do not wade through the muck and the mire of accusation. Try to stay above the clouds and help everybody you can.

The most important reason why we must be careful how we deal with accusation is because we must guard our spirits. I have never felt better after reading accusation. I have felt dirty. I have felt angry. I have felt frustrated. I have not felt edified. Should that surprise us? Satan is the accuser. How could any child of God feel good about accusation? How? I don't get it. Accusation goes against the very grain of the Holy Spirit who lives within us. Don't grieve the spirit by allowing accusation to get into your head because it will eventually work its way into your heart.


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