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How to Reduce Your Aggravation

A lot of things can frustrate me. Sometimes they get into my head and make it hard to sleep or concentrate on the important things in life. Sometimes they aggravate me and change my mood. I have come to the conclusion that there are some things I can do to take away some of my frustration. Here are couple of them.

Listen less to talk radio.

When I stop listening as much to people's opinions, even those with whom I agree, it reduced a lot of my frustration (and anger). Talk radio is built on the concept of confrontation and confrontation leads to frustration.

Reduce your social media intake.

There are many things on social media which cause my blood pressure to rise. There are people who post things I don't need to read. I am very cautious how much social media reaches my eyes and this my mind

Read your news carefully.

Notice I didn't say watch or listen. I said read because reading allows you to control what you allow in your mind. I carefully scan through the news to decide what I want to read. Even then I merely scan through most of what is in those articles. I promise you reading the news has made a huge difference for me.

Avoid gossips critics and naysayers.

When you know what you don't need to know it can leave you frustrated because you have no control. I do not read negative things. I do not read slander or gossip. When I see it, I pass right by it. I don't need those thoughts in my mind.

As little as those things may seem I promise they will take away a lot of your anxiety and frustrations. I know what gets me going and I do my best to avoid it so that I can be at my best for the things and people which are important to me.

How to Reduce Your Aggravation