Do You Know Where You Are Going?

In Dublin, Ireland toward the end of the nineteenth century. There was a man by the name of Thomas Henry Huxley. He was a famous biologist, teacher, and author who was a follower of Darwin, and a defender of evolution.

Having finished a series of speaking against several Christian truths, Huxley was in a hurry the following morning to catch his train to the next city. He took one of Dublin’s horse-drawn taxis and settled back with his eyes closed to rest himself for a few minutes. He assumed the driver had been told the destination by the hotel doorman, so all he said as he got in was, “Hurry . . . I’m almost late. Drive fast ” The horses lurched forward and galloped across Dublin at a fast pace. Before long Huxley glanced out the window and frowned as he realized they were going in the wrong direction.

Leaning forward, the Huxley shouted, “Do you know where you are going?” Without looking back, the driver yelled without not trying to be funny, “No, your honor! But I’m driving very fast!”

That true story is more than a story. It’s an summary not only of the spirit of Huxley and others like him in the nineteenth century but of many in today’s society. Great speed, much motion, rapid movement, but an unknown destination.

Does that describes you? It can happen to anyone—strong, aggressive individuals as well as quiet, passive types.

In a big hurry these days? Driving yourself at breakneck speed? Working up lots of lather . . . but unaware of your destination?

Maybe your running around making plans for ministry but nothing seems to be getting done. Maybe your at a fast pace doing what you think is Gods will for your life. Or is it possible you see a problem and at the speed of light your trying to fix it no matter the consequences to others? Is it possible that you have “fires” all around you that need to be put out and your rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off and you don't know which one to take care of first? You got work, and then family responsibilities that you just “MUST” take care of and your not sure how you will get it all done? In the midst of all this whirlwind of motion and noise, Christ leans forward and shouts, “Do you know where you are going?” Wonder how many would be honest enough to answer, “No, your honor! But I am driving very fast!” Perhaps many.

But a few will stop, turn around, and hear God say, Peace… still….and know that I am God. (Mark 4:39) Wait, He says,….wait on the Lord.(Lamentations 3:24) Why don’t you stop for a few moments and perch your aching feet on the ottoman of Gods love. Wipe away the sweat of determination and or worry. Sit back, relax, wait on the Lord and allow Him to renew your strength and give some direction in everything your doing. It sure makes things a lot easier. (Matthew 11:30)

Do You Know Where You Are Going?