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Joining the True Catholic Church

Those who wish to join the True Catholic Church ought to contact us. There are generally three paths to becoming a Catholic under pope Michael’s authority:

  • Never baptized. Such persons should check the “link” tab and then hover and click the Traditional Catechism tab and study the Catechism, then after talking with you to see where you are at in learning the faith you would need to receive a valid baptism.
  • Baptized but aren’t sure if the correct form was used. Some protestant groups and the Vatican 2 church use forms of baptism which would render the baptism doubtfully valid. Under this situation, the same prescription as #1 applies, but a “conditional baptism” would be received.
  • Validly baptized. These would make a Perfect Act of Contrition, a Profession of Faith (links to download below), and it might be recommended that the catechism also be reviewed, depending on one’s knowledge of the Catholic faith (if so, see the Resources tab). If a priest becomes available, such could make a general confession of sins.

Additionally, all who join may want to acquaint themselves with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab so they understand why we claim to be the Catholic Church and why there are various groups in disagreement as to where the Catholic Church is today and who is in it.

Page 1 of the Profession of Faith can be sent to the Vatican in Exile (electronically?) as documentation.

The Profession of Faith should be accompanied by a copy of your Baptismal Certificate, Confirmation Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Ordination Certificates, etc. if any of these are available.

Please also contact us about submitting a curriculum vitae, (story of your life), of your path to the Catholic Church under pope Michael. The Pope’s staff will then contact you and we can proceed from there in to establish that you are in full communion with the Catholic Church.

We fully realize that many have been deceived, as the Gospels tell us that in these times “even the elect will be deceived.” We welcome all to join or return to the Catholic Church.

May the Lord bless all of us and lead us all to full acceptance of the Divine Will.