Children Have A Right To Be Disciplined

To children this would seem like a strange "right." But to know they do not stay sweet and innocent. They have a nature within them that takes them the wrong way. Left to themselves, they will surely go astray. This may seem hard to believe in the early days of a child's life, but the Bible and time prove it well.

But God does not intend that children stray. He expects us to discipline them to deliver them from their own destructive nature. He want children to be trained in a way that brings them back to Him.

We will be discussing the matter of disciplined later. Suffice it to say here that Fathers who truly love their children will discipline them. There is a connection between children learning to respect parental discipline and their readiness to submit to the discipline of God when they reach the age of accountability. Children who do not receive this discipline are robbed of a "right" God want them to have.