Filled With The Spirit

It is impossible to live a victorious Christian life or to serve God effectively, if we are not filled with the Holy Spirit. Forgiveness of original and actual sins and the Holy Spirit are the two gifts that God offers to all repentant sinners when they turn to Him and are baptized.

When we receive the Holy Spirit at our baptism it will bring the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives - fullness of charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity (kindness), goodness, longanimity (faithfulness), Mildness (gentleness), faith, modesty (decency ) continency (self-controlled), chastity. (Galatians 5:23).

At our confirmation, the Holy Spirit will equip us to be powerful witnesses for Christ and effective members of His earthly Body.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit at our confirmation is the prime requisite for being an effective member of Christ's Body. Without this, however holy our lives may be, we will be limited in our usefulness to God for His work on earth.

Although Jesus lived a pure and holy life for 30 years, He still needed to be anointed with the Holy Spirit, before He could have the supernatural gifts necessary for Him to fulfill His ministry.

God wants to equip us in the same way today, so that we can carry on that ministry, as the Body of Christ on earth. Those who either despise or don't believe in these supernatural gifts will of course not have them. Thus their service for the Lord will also be limited.

We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit DAILY, for this is not a once-for-all experience that takes care of our need forever.