Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet

Have you ever wondered what that phrase meant? Well in olden times when someone had been seriously wounded in battle, they would hand them a bullet and tell them to bite down as hard as they could on that bullet while they administered first aid or treatment to them. It is similar to biting on a stick or cloth. While concentrating on biting that bullet they would be less prone to feel the pain of that one who was treating them.

In dealing with individuals who have had a fall in their life I find that they are often overly sensitive and easily offended. The wound is still fresh and every time the Holy Spirit tries to administer healing they scream out and react. They get upset at people around them. They push away from those who were trying to help them. They get offended by any little thing that reminds them of their failure. They become easily agitated. They become argumentative. They retreat into a shell. They become isolated. They drop out of church for a season. They even get off of Facebook because they want to avoid other people.

These are but a few symptoms of someone who is hurting because of a failure in their life. My friend you will never be able to know the healing hand of God until you're willing to accept the pain. None of us likes to be hurt. But sometimes we must hurt in order to be healed. Write that statement down and put it where you can find it every time you're feeling sensitive. Sometimes you must be hurt to be healed. Any good doctor will tell you that.

May I suggest that when that pain comes you bite the bullet rather than react in a way that prevents you from being healed. Here are some suggestions of how you can bite the bullet.

1. Enter into a very intense season of prayer. We really need to seek the Lord's face during those moments when we are hurting because of the work being done in our lives.

2. Don't blame the doctor for the pain. The doctor is trying to heal you. Don't blame God or take it out on him when you're hurting because of the work he's trying to do.

3. Don't blame the instrument God is using. I have been blamed for hurting people because I was doing what I could to be used of God to help heal them. Healers or instruments of healing are often lashed out at by those they are trying to help. Don't blame the scalpel that is trying to remove the bullet that you have inflicted upon yourself.

4. Be aware of your sensitivity. Half the battle is recognizing the fact that you are overly sensitive. Your sensitivity is preventing you from a more rapid healing. Be aware of it. Get ahead of it and bite the bullet the moment you feel pain coming on.

5. Give God thanks for the pain you are facing. The Bible says we are to give thanks in everything because this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us. Sometimes the best way to bite the bullet is to start praising God for the pain as you realize it is all a part of your healing.

6. Don't complain to others. One of the quickest most damaging things we do is to complain when we are suffering from his healing. We show our hurt to others when we by complaining. Don't be a complainer when pain comes from the pain of your fall.

7. Don't hurt others. One of the most important things you can do to bite the bullet is to do good to other people in your times of pain. Minister to others while you are going through difficult times. This is one of the best ways to bite bullet while God is doing his healing work on you.

8. Read Psalms. The Psalms of David are some of the most comforting words that you can read during this time when you are in pain. David had to bite the bullet often and we see how he did it in his Psalms.

9. Be around God's people.
The time to neglect gathering at the church is not when you're hurting. That's when you need it the most. Do not expect everyone to understand your pain, but enjoy the fellowship of being with God's people.

I'm certain there are other ways to bite the bullet but these are some that have helped me during those times when I have been most sensitive as God was working in my life. Be careful my friend. Some of you are far too sensitive. The reason you have never healed is because every time God tries to heal you, you fight him. Rather than biting the bullet you push him and his instruments away and refuse to allow him to do the work so desperately needed to heal your broken spirit.