Children have a right to guidance

Children Have A Right To Be Guided Safely

Children are so trusting. They come into the world helpless, dependent, and innocent. They believe whatever someone tells them, even when teasing. There was an electrician who liked to tell a families little boys that he used his curved knife to cut off little boys' ears because he liked pickled ears! That concerned them very much. Even though they know better now, they still remember the fear.


Since they trust even more whoever cares for them, it is extremely important that parents are the right kind of guides. Remember what Jesus said about that in Matthew 18:5-6 Leading innocents astray is one of the most serious offenses against God that a parent can commit.


A guide not only tells the way; he shows the way. What a child sees impresses him much more than what he is told. We guide more by our lives than by our words. God holds that our children have the right to have a safe guide to follow. He has placed the “following” instinct into our children for their and our benefit. We must take advantage of this to steer them right. This requires an enormous amount of carefulness.