dads arm around adult son

Children Have the Right to Receive Ongoing Support

This “right” is related to the more grown-up part of our children's lives. Fathers must give strong signals indicating that they mean to stick with their children through thick and thin. Not that we will ever support them in wrongdoing. But they should know they can always count on us to not give up on them even when they almost give up on themselves. They should know that we will go on caring long after they are gone from home.


Maybe it should be said again: it is not that we support any wrongdoing. It is rather that our children know our love follows them and that we are always yearning and praying for their spiritual success, ready to do all we can to help them. No doubt this awareness has helped many a grown child to find his way through difficulties.


True impressions of support never really leave us. Those who have had the blessing of supportive fathers will carry that awareness even after the father has gone on. Like Abel, “he being dead yet speaketh” (Hebrews 11:4)