Broken or Humble?

Broken or Humble?

A small boy had disobeyed his loving father and knew he is in trouble. While his parents were gone one day he hit a baseball towards the house and it smashed through a side window. He had been emphatically told not to hit the ball toward the house but he had disobeyed. Fearfully, he thought of what he would say to his dad when he got home. He thought about suggesting that he be put up for adoption or that he would mow the grass and clean the garage by himself for the rest of his life for free. He was scared as he waited for his father to come home. The father’s car finally drove up and pulled in the driveway. The father got out without at first noticing his son. The young son approached his father, not boldly, but with great fear. He opened his mouth to begin his bargain with his father but only one word escaped before he began to sob. The word? “Daddy.” He sputtered more unintelligible words in an attempt to try and make it right, but there was no need. He had said the right word when he merely said, “Daddy.” All would be forgiven and all would be restored. By the way, they cleaned up the broken glass together as father and son.


Many people think a person is not sincere if they are not still broken LONG after a fall. Broken or Humble???


There is a huge difference in staying broken and staying humble. Man often wants broken, but not God. God does not want us to stay broken, but He does want us to stay humble. What is the difference?

  • Broken can't fully function. Humble functions, but in the power of the Spirit.

  • Broken can't serve. Humble serves but by grace.

  • Broken lets itself be shamed and "guilted." Humble kindly ignores the "shamers" and "guilters."

  • Broken grovels before men. Humble worships before God.

  • Broken says, "I am so unworthy." Humble says, "He has made me worthy."

  • Broken wears the label of their sin. Humble wears the label of God's forgivness.

  • Broken lives in a never ending apology mode. Humble lives in a never ending forgiveness mode.

  • Broken is a travesty. Humble is a trophy.

  • Broken thinks poorly of self. Humble thinks of Christ instead of self.

  • Broken mourns the scars. Humble lets the scars speak of God's healing grace.

  • Broken cries, "Mercy!" Humble cries, "Mercy and Grace."