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The primary goal of Chrysostom Bible Institute is to produce well-rounded Priest and Lay People who will do great works for God. Students are challenged to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ through clear BIBLICAL, CATHOLIC, TRAINING and INSTRUCTIONS found in Scripture and upheld and preserved by the Catholic Church. "The house of God, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth." 1 Timothy 3:15





Semester 6-Fall 2021

Basic Life Class


Class 1- Classes are scheduled to begin.

         Session 01: How to Trace Problems to Root Causes

         Session 02: How to Overcome Self-Rejection

         Session 03: Abnormal Social Development


Class 2- Last week to except new students for this semester.

         Session 04: How to Relate to Four Authorities

         Session 05: How to Make a Wise Appeal

         Session 06: Steps to Gain a Clear Conscience


Class 3

         Session 07: Dealing with Hurts / Keys to Forgiveness

         Session 08: How to Transform Irritations

         Session 09: The Development of Reprobation


Class 4

         Session 10: Understanding the Causes of Moral Bondage

         Session 11: Practical Steps to Moral Freedom

         Session 12: How to Prepare Your Home for Successful Living


Class 5

         Session 13: How to Conquer Doubts About Salvation

         Session 14: How to Experience God's Guarantee for Success

         Session 15: How to Discover Purpose in Life


Class 6

         Session 16: How to Discover Purpose in Life

         Session 17: How to Overcome the Power of Sin

         Session 18: Requirement for Total Marriage


Class 7

         Session 19: Genuine Love

Advance Life Class


         Session 01: Humanism

         Session 02: Five Giants



Class 8

         Session 03: Spiritual Gifts, Part 1      

         Session 04: Spiritual Gifts, Part 2



Class 9      

         Session 05: Financial Freedom

         Session 06: A Good Name



Class 10

         Session 07: Music Evaluation

         Session 08: Recognizing The Lie



Week Of Thanksgiving Off



Class 11

         Session 09: A Sensual Father

         Session 10: Criticism


Class 12

           Session 11: Standing Alone

           Session 12: Six Purposes Of Marriage


Class 13

           Session 13: Spirit of Marriage pt 1

           Session 14: Spirit of Marriage pt 2


Week of Christmas off



Class 14

           Session 15: Mighty In Spirit

           Session 16: Successful Education

           Session 17: Birth Order Tendencies



Class 15

           Session 18: Principles of Discipline

           Session 19: Why Did God Let It Happen

           Session 20: Snake Story And Chalk Drawing

Spring classes begin the third week of January.


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